The Best Day Clock Reviewed- The American Lifetime Day Clock

Often times we are so carried away with daily activities that we end up forgetting important information like what time or what part of the day it is. This results in asking questions like:

Is it afternoon already?

What says the time?

Is today Sunday or was it yesterday?

One thing is for sure, if you are found asking any or all of these questions, it is time to get yourself an innovative clock which provides intuitive information like the day, date, time or part of the day. This type of clock is known as the Day clock.

You might be wondering,

What are Day Clocks and what do they do?

Day Clocks are a bit similar to desk clocks in the sense of their look. However, when it comes to functionality, they provide an extra edge. The Day Clock automatically shows what part of the day it is, whether Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Night for each day of the week. It displays the right information as soon as you plug it in. Some of these devices also allow adjusting in the spring and autumn as the clocks change.

One thing the Day Clock will not do is to display the exact time or the date. Often known by some as dementia clocks, the device is usually targeted to people with a difficulty in keeping track of time and day.

We recognize that there are several of these devices from several manufacturers out in the market. Thus, we have gathers some of the features to be on the lookout for on your next market visit.

Features to Lookout for When Buying a Day Clock

Type: Like your typical clocks, the day clock comes in analog and digital types. However, you should note that analog clocks may fail due to noise since it involves physical measurements and wavelengths. However, it is of a low cost.

The digital types, on the other hand, make use of digital modulation which a more reliable technology for consistency.

Display Size: Since these clocks are often targeted at elders with fading time keeping senses, they often come in larger display size. Therefore, we advise that you consider the size of the device being purchased depending on the size of the room it is to be used and their distance to the person.

Display Features: The display features provided by Day Clocks vary from essential time elements like the clock type- whether analog or digital or period of the day (morning, evening, afternoon). Therefore, you should take note whether the day and month are spelled out or abbreviated as this contributes to the efficiency of the clock.

With these features, we are sure you can easily get yourself an efficient daytime. But since you might be limited on time to look for the best one, we have combed through the market and found you one of the best that we think will benefit you and your family - The American Lifetime Day Clock.

The American Lifetime Day Clock

The latest version of The American Lifetime Day Clock features a functional design which sees it provide an efficient combination of Extra Large Impaired Vision Digital Screen, Lasting Battery Backup & 5 Alarm Options to provide you a similar, if not superior functionality as the Memory Loss Alarm Clock for Elderly Seniors.

Coming with more color variants, limited version, or dual packs, and some with free shipping and more, the digital clock displays letters and figures in a prominent bold font that aids visibility from any part of the room. Again, we loved that feature because it performs its primary aim effectively since the clock is geared towards the elderly.

Another nice feature that we loved is the fact that American Lifetime got rid of the shortened or abbreviated months and days to allow easy understanding of the time and day. It also features a 5 alarm setting to help you better manage your important daily tasks, serving as a perfect tool to help you stay organized. This makes it beneficial to not only the dementia patients but also those who might need some reminding.

Although powered primarily by electricity, the Calendar Clock also comes blessed with an efficient battery back-up. This helps to maintain a sense of consistency as it ensures the time settings remain intact in cases of power interruption. So, you don’t have to worry about having to reset when you power on.

However, just like everything that has an advantage, this day clock also comes with some flaws that we wished were avoided. Our major problem with this day clock is its brightness settings. When dimmed, the device produces a tinted screen which can hurt the eye, especially when used at night. Another feature we would have loved to see is the auto-adjustments for daylight savings. The device does not provide any support for daylight savings which means users are stuck with a particular level of display no matter the time.


  • Big numbers and letters
  • Efficient Battery back-up
  • No abbreviations
  • 5 Alarm Settings


  • Uncomfortable dim lights
  • No auto-time adjustments

The American Lifetime Day Clock provides a sleek design with a lot of variations to choose from while ensuring maximum efficiency with timekeeping thanks to its abundance of features. So, if you are in need of an efficient Day Clock with a crisp image, clear reading and maximum efficiency, then the American Lifetime Day Clock is your best bet.



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