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If you set and start the alarm, it's settings (message, sound) for given time are automatically saved. Here is the list of saved alarms. If you don't have any saved alarm, we will show you some examples. You can activate one of them with just one click and everything is ready again.

Why to set alarm online?
Time is limited to 24 hours a day and we have to make the most of it. Time management will helps to set up priorities and keeps us focused apart from all the distractions around us. With the increasing demand of work and less time we need to manage our work well. Often, there are times when the list of due work is long and one is engrossed in a task and forgets the other. So it is about Time. And with that comes the importance of alarm clocks in our lives.



What is online alarm?

Online alarm clock is web tool, that is designed to alert an individual or group of individuals at specified time. So it is similar to the online countdown timer, but the difference is that the online timer is used for time duration, the online alarm is used for specific time. Online alarm clock doesn't require any special device or any special software (alarm clock app) installed on your computer, notebook or mobile phone. We need only access to the internet and web browser. We don't have allways mobile phone with us or it is not allways allowed to use it, and installation of some applications is not very practical way how to find the quick or best solution. We can set alarm clock to specific time - specific hour and minute. When is the time, the info message appears and online alarm starts ringing.

Online alarm clock can be used during many activities. Many people use alarm clock when they go to sleep and they want to wake up, but this is only one possible usage. We can use it also when we are at our computer and we need to do something at specified time, when we have plan for exact time and we want to be informed or notified in time, for example when we have scheduled meeting or telephone/video call, when we want to take break in work, when we want to go to lunch or dinner, pickup children from the school, do shopping, cook or bake something, go to the gym or training, make some sport, do homework. We can use it in the work, in the office, in the school, at home, during outdoor activities. So online alarm clock is not only the wake up alarm, the list how we can use it is endless.

How to set my alarm

  • First step is to set alarm clock for specified time, so we choose specific hour and specific minute
  • Next the screen with alarm's settings is displayed - every alarm for specified time has its own settings - chosen alarm clock sound and custom message. These settings are automatically saved, when the alarms starts.
  • We can test the alarm by clicking on the button TEST ALARM. It is good to test the alarm before we want to use it, so we can see how or if it works, how the sound of alarm sounds, if the sound is enabled, if internet connection is working, how the message is displayed...
  • Online alarm is activated by clicking on the green button START ALARM.
  • When we want to set different alarm and select different hour and minute, we can do it e.g. by clicking on the red button USE DIFFERENT ONLINE ALARM.
  • When an alarm is active, it looks similar like online countdown timer, some informations are displayed - current time, final time (hour and minute) and also countdown or remaining time (hours, minutes, seconds), when the ringing starts.
  • When we want to cancel current alarm, we can click on the button STOP ALARM
  • One click on settings icon shows or hides the alarm's settings.
  • When is the right time, the informative message is displayed and the alarm starts ringing, then we can STOP alarm or SNOOZE alarm.


  • In order to make proper use of the alarm your computer must be kept running and the browser's tab must not be closed
  • Some mobile devices (e.g Safari or iPhone) are blocking audio when browser is in background mode or when device is locked.
  • To prevent problems with low or muted volume on your computer, we suggest you to test alarm before you use it
  • SLEEP MODE - Our alarm could not work if your computer is in sleep mode. We are not able to change your energy saver settings on your computer, but if browsers's tab with our alarm is active, then we are able to use some special techniques which try to prevent computers to go into sleep mode. This feature probably does not work on all browsers/devices, but in most cases it should work. To avoid any potentional problems related to sleep mode we suggest you to disable sleep mode functionality. Other solution is just to keep browser's tab with our alarm active, so you can see content of our webpage on your monitor (it is enough for most cases).

Tips for online alarm

  • Alarm's settings are binded to specific time and when some online alarm starts, it's settings are automatically saved for chosen hour and minute. List of all saved settings is in the section 'Saved alarms'. Alarms which we don't need anymore, we can remove.
  • Every alarm has its own web url. If we save the link to the specific alarm (e.g. in bookmarks), our alarm with its settings will be accessible just with one click.
  • Every alarm has its own url, so one browser tab can have only one active alarm. If we want to have more active alarms, we could use other browser tabs with different urls.
  • This online alarm is working on desktops, notebooks, tablets and also on mobile devices with above possible restrictions. If you notice any technical issues or you have some ideas how to improve our site, so we can be the best alarm clock site, please write us a message on Facebook. Thanks! If you like our site, tell your friends about us and share us on social media, Thanks! :)